As we begin this blessed month of Ramadan, the challenge can be sustaining the motivation and energy throughout the month. If you live in the west and your fasts are 18 hours long, it is even harder.

MashAllah, Abu Productive and his team at ProductiveMuslim and ProductiveRamadan created these excellent ramadan videos last year that are still relevant today.

Watch them to “power up” your Ramadan spirit. If you are interested in more ways of motivation and productivity this Ramadan, you can check out ProductiveRamadan.


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Muslim Fundraising Ideas

As a muslim worker, you probably have volunteered for a non-profit organization. A key goal of any of these organizations is fundraising. I’ve listed some tips for fundraising that you should find useful. I’ve implemented or participated in most of the points mentioned.

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Have you ever wanted to establish your Islamic Identity and still look cool and modern? Islamic T-shirts are one way. I never had any Muslim t-shirts until I went to my first big Islamic conference.

I attended the ISNA conference in Chicago years ago and went to the bazaar section. MashAllah, I was in Islamic shopping paradise :-) I went on a spending spree and bought many muslim t-shirts among other things. I also like wearing traditional Islamic clothing but it was nice to have some cool Islamic tees when attending active Islamic events like sports tournaments and such.

I scoured the internet and found cool islamic t-shirts that you should check out…

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In the world we live in today, there are many distractions that take us away from our Islam and the peace and tranquility we get from it. I’m here to explain how you can make your home islamic so that you and your family can find peace after experiencing the challenges of the outside world.

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Photo by hamed

Ramadan Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem to you all!  I’m sure everyone is excited that we are in the blessed month again this year.  Stores are selling lots of dates and people are filling up the masjids for Tarawih prayers.

The Quran is being read in homes and people are gathering with friends and family more often in this beautiful month.

To help you get into the festive Ramadan mood, here are some memorable images:

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Photo by Swami Stream

Note: This is a guest post from my wife :-)
After my husband wrote the “10 Habits of Highly Effective Muslim Husbands,” he thought it would be interesting to add the other perspective. 

So, I made a list of 10 habits that my husband has commented on over time that has produced positive changes in our relationship.  He is right, the first year of marriage is really about adapting and compromise.  We are shown our terrible habits (how did our parents put up with us?) and overtime you do fall into a groove. 

But, don’t get too comfortable in your routine.  Adding some spice and maintaining some good habits will make a very successful and enjoyable marriage.  Some of these habits are similar to the “Muslim Husband Habits” but, some are just for us, girls.

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When I first got onto the internet in the 90′s, the world wide web was very different than what it is today.

There were good Islamic websites online.  Two that I frequented a lot and still exist today are IslamOnline and Islamicity.

Why are they worth visiting? Let’s find out…

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Journey To Mecca - In The Footsteps of Ibn Battuta Trailer

The goal of a video trailer is to entice us into watching the documentary or movie it is promoting. It could also advertise a program or conference we plan on attending.

I always enjoy watching these previews of documentaries or movies that are Islam related.  Its exciting to see the different perspectives in our Muslim community and to also marvel at our glorious history.

I’ve found 5 different Muslim video trailers that I think you should watch.  They all vary in content and style. Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Web Forums have existed since very early on the Internet.  Nowadays, they aren’t talked about as much as social media websites like Facebook and Myspace.

However, the communities around these forums aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Because of this, they will continue to be used by many and are still growing everyday.

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Photo by Dewang Modi

Due to the popularity of my 100 Beautiful Mosque Pictures, I have decided to do another one. This post focuses on the beauty of the interior of the Masjid.

Take a look and let me know in the comments what you think!

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